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Seal Support Systems

To top up its API 682 plan, Sealtek® designs and provides all the necessary auxiliary and seal support systems, such as barrier fluid vessels, valves, heat exchangers, transmitters and indicators, by choosing the components from the best suppliers, some of whom are included within the Sealtek® industrial group.

Pressurization is made through outside nitrogen source. Unpressurized version can be used for Plan 52.

Pressurization is made through a bladder filled by means of nitrogen charging kits.

Leakage from seal faces is directed to a liquid collection system. A vessel with a high level alarm is provided for detection of excess leakage.

Standard stainless steel connections, stainless steel pressure gauge, welded see through level indicator with borosilicate glass, and stainless steel safety valve. Available with a range of accessories including refilling unit

Inside wear parts made in silicon carbide for enhanced abrasion resistance. Available as stand-alone item, or as part of a fully assembled API Plan 31 or 41.

Although extremely economical, this model is capable of covering the large majority of applications where high temperatures or pressures are not involved. Available with internal magnetic driven pump for improved

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