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Patented Hybrid Seals

Patented model 907 hybrid seals brings together the main advantages of mechanical seals and stuffing boxes while eliminating their disadvantages.
Easy to install cartridge seal unit with low friction components, plus Injectable self-lubricating sealing compound.
Forget the sudden or catastrophic failures of mechanical seals: only gradual leakage that can be fixed without even stopping the pump.
With Sealtek®’s hybrid seals there is no leakage and no process fluid required to keep gland packings lubricated.
No flushing required. Ever. Spare the water, spare the energy to inject it, spare the product dilution. Let water be used where it’s really needed!
Hybrid Seals don’t need machine downtime for maintenance. No replacement, no refurbishing: only top up at the first sign of leakage.
No damage for temporary dry running. Sustainable dry running operations at lower speeds.
No stock of different spare parts for different seal models and sizes: the same spare material can be used for all sizes and conditions.

This groundbreaking technology is the new evolution of sealing devices: it is such a departure from the traditional mechanical seal, that it can no longer be called by that name

This version is loaded with Style Seven graphite fibers, and is equipped with bronze wear parts and graphite gaskets to withstand temperature up to 450°C, with peak resistance of over

By replacing wear rings with high performance lip seals, Style 907TD ensures that no leakage can occur. The spring-loaded gland follower allows a visual control over the ZLS level, outlining

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