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Pipeline repair tapes

Leakage from pipelines has always been a major issue for all industries, from Water/Wastewater to Chemical and Oil & Gas. Sealtek® has developed a complete line of pipeline repair tapes to perform quick, safe and long-lasting repairs for leakages without the need of shutting the lines. Sealtek®’s pipeline rapair tapes are Seal-Tex, Seal-Tex XT and Self-Seal tapes, which in conjunction with the GF-HD paste, have successfully allowed savings beyond imagination to several important factories, power plants and refineries, and are now a part of the must-have equipment for emergency leakage containment.

Sealtek® FLANGE-SEAL is a revolutionary system able to replace flange shields in a very wide range of applications, removing the need of large stocks of different sized covers to match

This is a completely new product offered in the form of a stick. it is a predosed polymeric molecular compound made of Fiberglas grains and a catalyst which is inside

A kit of 10 repair tapes designed to have the right tape at the right time at hand: pipeline maintenance without the need to shut down the line. These tapes

The SEAL-TEX can be applied for emergency leakage repair when the piping is depressurized. The SEAL-TEX tape cannot be applied where a liquid flow can wash away the tape’s resin.

Online sealing up to 500°C. ASME PCC-2 certified Seal-Tex XT makes leakages along steam lines nothing but a bad memory. Steam is one of the most important tools in modern

Sealtek® SELF-SEAL is a self-polymerizing tape made of siliconic rubber, suitable for immediate application before Sealtek® SEAL-TEX being used. Wrapping the tape around the leaking pipe will allow an easier

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