Mechanical seals and sealing devices for all industries

Sealant tapes

Self-modeling sealant tapes made of multidirectional microporous 100% pure PTFE. Equipped with very high tensile strength, it can be easily applied to all surfaces where a safe and long-lasting seal is required.
Sealant tapes have a self-adhesive surface that facilitates assembly and is available in various sizes for surfaces of all sizes.

Seal moldable Ultraseal® gasket in “round” shape, made from 100% pure expanded PTFE. Specifically manufactured for creating “instant gaskets” for valves, gates, taps, etc. There are no size limits or

Self moldable gasket tape, manufactured from 100% pure virgin PTFE fibers in a multidirectional form, through a special process. The tape’s high tensile strenght makes it ideal for use as

Self moldable gasket, designed and manufactured for sealing parts requiring heavy torque at high temperatures. The high percentage of pure graphite ambodied within the expanded PTFE pores enables Ultraseal® GRAF

Sealing tape for bolt threads made of 100% multidirectional expanded PTFE. The tape’s special construction assures complete sealing between threads even in highly aggressive chemicals or fluctuating temperatures. Recommended for

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