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High technology in sealing and maintenance

From the standard mechanical seals that have withstood the test of time to the most recent technological breakthroughs, there is a Sealtek® product for all applications. Sealtek®’s range also includes industrial maintenance and repair product and other sealing devices, such as gland packings and flat gaskets.

Pressurization is made through outside nitrogen source. Unpressurized version can be used for Plan 52.

Pressurization is made through a bladder filled by means of nitrogen charging kits.

Leakage from seal faces is directed to a liquid collection system. A vessel with a high level alarm is provided for detection of excess leakage.

Packings hooks with case.

Sealtek® FLANGE-SEAL is a revolutionary system able to replace flange shields in a very wide range of applications, removing the need of large stocks of different sized covers to match

This is a completely new product offered in the form of a stick. it is a predosed polymeric molecular compound made of Fiberglas grains and a catalyst which is inside

Robust hand packing cutter for safe cutting of 45° Skive-, 75° Butt- and 90° Straight cut.

A kit of 10 repair tapes designed to have the right tape at the right time at hand: pipeline maintenance without the need to shut down the line. These tapes

The SEAL-TEX can be applied for emergency leakage repair when the piping is depressurized. The SEAL-TEX tape cannot be applied where a liquid flow can wash away the tape’s resin.

Online sealing up to 500°C. ASME PCC-2 certified Seal-Tex XT makes leakages along steam lines nothing but a bad memory. Steam is one of the most important tools in modern

Sealtek® SELF-SEAL is a self-polymerizing tape made of siliconic rubber, suitable for immediate application before Sealtek® SEAL-TEX being used. Wrapping the tape around the leaking pipe will allow an easier

Special extractors for valve packings made by HST (chroma rich hardened steel) with ergonomic handle and special shape of the tool to help the packing removing.

100% synthetic crystalline graphite fiber, impregnated with colloidal graphite on synthetic oil.

A 97% pure graphite packing reinforced with carbon fibers. Braided in the HCD® system and impregnated under vacuum with pure graphite particles and corrosion inhibitor. Extremely resilient and ductile, this

96% synthetic graphite fiber packing, manufactured in an exclusive braiding method with only the reinforcement of its corners, with 4% Inconel alloy. The flexible and resilient core is moade by

38% synthetic graphite fiber and 62% expanded graphite, impregnated with non-metallic corrosion inhibitor. Combining the adaptability of expanded graphite with th strenght of synthetic graphite fibers, this packing is recommended

40% carbographite fiber carrier and corners, 60% expanded graphite twisted ribbons, impregnated with non-metallic corrosion inhibitor.

100% PTFE braided with High Controlled Density method, impregnated with PTFE dispersion.

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