Mechanical seals and sealing devices for all industries


Expertise and technology
in mechanical seals.

Since 1989, sealing beyond expectations.

Sealtek® is one of the World’s most technologically advanced manufacturers of mechanical seals and sealing devices, specialized in innovative solutions for rotating equipment and industrial maintenance.


To each industry, its dedicated Sealtek solution.

With more than 35 years of experience, Sealtek® has gathered a comprehensive understanding of the different challenges, problems and opportunities that each industrial sector can face regarding its sealing applications. With its products being used in more than 50 countries, Sealtek® puts the experience coming from all over the World at disposal of the end user to improve and optimize industrial operations.

Sealtek products range
High technology for sealing devices and industrial maintenance

From the standard mechanical seals that have withstood the test of time to the most recent technological breakthroughs, there is a Sealtek® product for all applications.

Patented Sleeveless Cartridge Seals

The one and only cartridge seal with conical extension of the stuffing box.

Patented Hybrid seals

The newest technology patented by Sealtek®: no failure, no refurbishing, no flush water consumption.

Split Mechanical Seals

Two pre-compressed parts to join: no spacers, no measurements, no installation mistakes. A design like no other.

API 682 Seals

The most rigorous quality, with express delivery times for the Oil & Gas world.

Dedicated support
and service

Sealtek® is not simply about products: it is about solutions. A close technical support is the most important addition to a high technology product range.


If it ain't broken, don't fix it. But if it's broken and it can be repaired, Sealtek® can do it...
Take advantage of Sealtek® 24 hours delivery policy to standardize a very wide range of different applicat...
The Sealtek® Integrated Sealing Program is aimed at OEM willing to incorporate the sealing device...
In the world of sealing, knowledge is everything. By offering seminars and training session, on-site or...
Diamond-coated mechanical seal faces greatly outperform other materials in terms of friction...


Not simply a network: a family

The greatest pride of Sealtek® is not only its cutting edge technology or the success stories on the field, but also the ever-growing number of partners and distributors worldwide providing high quality close market support to countries in the most distant corners of the World.

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Fit and forget: no maintenance required, No failure: simply refill to restore sealing capacity, ...
This revolutionary seal design is the result of the most intensive engineering design study imaginable. ...
By using only the highest quality materials and providing even more controls and certificates...
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