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Modular Cartridge Seals System

Sealtek® engineering research department is proud to offer the Modular Cartridge Seals System.
The durability, quality and superior performance of the new Modular Cartridge Seals System concept, combined with the new Sealtek® unique modular design, full-solid technology and new ceramic materials, guarantees a truly superior seal performance.

This latest and simplest of the MODULAR system seals, has a very compact gland which enables the seal to be installed on pumps with minimal available room. 1) EASE OF

High performances both in clean liquids and slurry. Simplified design gives great reliability, durability and make reparations easier. Versatile, adaptable, with quick and precise installation, double hydraulically balanced, prevents distortions

High performances both in clean liquids and slurry. Uncomplicated structure, works in all applications in both vertical and horizontal pumps. Adaptable, quick and easy to install, hydraulically balanced, with monolithic

The simplicity in its advanced design, offers all the cartridge system advantages. EASE OF INSTALLATION: Its integrated cartridge system concept makes this seal extremely easy to install. NO MODIFICATIONS or

Style 777SO is almost a double seal based on simplified design to facilitate off the shelf interchangeability. Ideal for most applications and plant standardization. The advantages of similar to double

Designed to “double” seal all double sealing requiring applications. Three FAIL-SAFE features guarantee maximum performance: SAFETY SEAL: Through the incorporation of a low specific gravity barrier fluid at a higher

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