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Flat Gaskets

All Sealtek® flat gaskets are manufactured with the most advanced production methods based on synthetic fibers and elastomeric binders, responding to today’s rigorous demand of non-asbestos materials.

Features of Sealtek flat gaskets:
– Pressure and temperature limits are indicative and should never be combined at their maximum values;
– Surface compression should not exceed the maximum pressure of each individual material as this would eliminate the recovery ability of the gasket;
– Surface to be sealed must be free of pitting, flat, smooth, clean of dirt or old gasket deposits as the presence of any of these would compromise proper sealing;
– Parallel flanges are a necessary condition as if not parallel, premature gasket failure will occur. It is strongly reccomended that a torquewrench is used when tightening;
– No antisticking agent should be applied when using Sealtek® Gaskets as this would compromise their performance;
– All Sealtek® flat gaskets are pre-treated with a nonstick agent and do not require any additional protection.

Consult a Sealtek® specialist for any application that might exceed the flat gasket limits outlined here.

Gasketing sheet in expanded pure mineral graphite reinforced with tanged AISI 316 foil without any binder. It can be used for all purposes even the heaviest ones. High pressure and

Gasketing sheet in pure expanded graphite, reinforced with a steel AISI 316 net. It does not contain binder. It can virtually be used on all applications, including the heaviest ones.

Gasketing sheet in pure graphite, in sandwich structure, made of an expanded pure graphite central core, lined on both sides by aluminium foil. It represents the ultimate recent innovation in

Asbestos free gasketing sheet, ma-de of aramydic fibers, Rockwool fibers, and elastomeric NBR binders. Realized as standard material for a wide range of applications in ali industries. Excellent tensile strength,

Compressed sheet material made by aramid fibre with NBR rubber and special inorganic fillers. Due to its high aramid fibers content, it achieves excellent thermal values and the material features

Gasketing sheet manufactured with an innovative System which reinforces pure compressed graphite with aramydic fibres and very low quantity of elastomeric binder. The high flexibility, the mechanical strength and the

Style 6000 is a gasketing material containing inorganic round beads consistently disbursed throughout a modified PTFE base. This unique mixture allows for precision control over cold-flow problems inherent with virgin

Sheet gasket made by biaxial pure PTFE silica loaded, suitable for a wide range of applications requiring the best possible mechanical strength. It can work on strong acids (except hydrofluoric),

High performances gasket sheet made by biaxial pure PTFE loaded with barium sulphate and special inorganic micro beads. It has been developed for applications where it is necessary to apply

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