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Component Mechanical Seals

Today, Sealtek® component mechanical seals are leading the production worldwide for technical level, performances, quality level and inexpensiveness. Their features guarantee success even in heavier applications.
The whole Sealtek® system is since the early processing completely monitored by strict quality controls, to allow total reliability, plant safety and an effective control of fugitive emissions, as required by the ever stricter international regulations.
The need to unify and rationalise the indication of component mechanical seals has shown to be more and more urgent and important together with the new technologies and materials developed by the manufacturers. The EN 12756 System, which has today replaced the more common DIN 24960 (Deutsche Industrie Norm) and the French NFE 29-991, has the aim of defining the main dimensions of the pump housing, of the component mechanical seals itself and of the materials it is made of.

Ideal for all applications requiring that the fluid pumped should not come in contact with any metal seal parts. Based on advanced “full solid” technology manufacturing method, this seal can

The SEALTEK Style 410 seal can be used in applications with highly corrosive chemicals such as active organic compounds, strong oxidizing and reducing agents, concentrated acids and salts. The seal

This seal represents the best alternative where a price/quality factor is critical. Without a dynamic O-Ring sealing of the shaf, it guarantees no fretting while the seal’s narrow cross section

Designed for installation in machinery operating according to EN 12756-L1K standard. The rubber bellows is supported by a metal body, enabling the seal to operate in particularly heavy fluid applications

STYLE 523 Carbon B/FKM/AISI 316/AISI 316 with Style 124 seat Q2 SiC/FKM

Very popular, widely used, high volume, low priced seals. The large self-cleaning spring is dependant on shaft rotation, which has to be specified when ordering. Suitable for most medium level

Rotary pusher type mechanical seal with cylindrical heavy duty spring. The open design of the spring avoids accumulation of solids, the flexible drive tolerates shaft misalignment and keeps always faces

This seal represents an important tool for maintenance as well as an indispensable component for the OEM in manufacturing of modern centrifugal pumps. Hydraulically balanced, the seal incorporates a full

Ideal solution in stuffing boxes with limited space, where Style 550 could not fit. Style 551 conforms with the EN 12765 L1K lenght requirements, which enables it to be easily

Sealtek Style 557 mechanical seal is the ideal solution for plan standardization, thanks to its interchangeable faces and the bidirectionality of its wave springs which guarantee the best possible operating

Pusher type rotating seal with a PTFE wedge sealing on the shaft. This PTFE wedge retains the sealed fluid and follows the seal movement to compensate for shaft run-out and

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