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Patented Sleeveless Cartridge Seals

Sealtek® is the first and only mechanical seal manufacturer to offer a complete line of cartridge seals with no sleeve featuring superior performances and lower costs than cartridge seals of previous generations which are still the standard for all other brands.
Sealtek® patented design features greater compensation for misalignment, self-cleaning and self-cooling properties. This revolutionary design, which allows for easy customization for various stuffing boxes, has proven over the course of years to handle the majority of industrial applications: from the basic single cartridge seals with no sleeve designed in 2006, the line has evolved to include double, split, heavy-duty, high-pressure and nonmetallic variants.
The original design has since then been changed to also allow the use of quench even in the simplest configuration.

Style 600NMT is a more efficient and more effective alternative to exotic alloys such as Super Duplex or Hastelloy C276, which are drastically outperformed by this revolutionary design where the

Style 600HD is a more robust design of the original Sleeveless seal. Large driving pins and anti-rotation pins ensure a greater torque resistance, and the multiple springs are as well

Style 600MN is a sleeveless cartridge seal designed to fit and operate in Moyno/Mono* Series 2000 positive displacement pumps, whose available space would normally prevent standard cartridge seals from being

Style 600MT is the sleeveless seal integrated inside a Metso* horizontal slurry pump stuffing box. Heavy duty arrangement is also available for increased resistance to particularly dense fluids, and diamond

Questo rivoluzionario design è il risultato della più intensa ricerca Sealtek sui sistemi di tenuta, e costituisce la prima vera innovazione nel mercato delle tenute da molti anni.

Thanks to the conical design features and its compact dimension, Style 600SL can be integrated inside Warman* slurry pumps and incorporated in its own stuffing box, installed directly on the

New concept in double cartridge seals which makes the best use of the recent technology developed for the Style 600SL seals and widens its applications and performances. The Style 606

While still keeping all the features and benefits of the acclaimed Style 600SL cartridge-mounted mechanical seal, which has introduced to the market the concept of conical extension of the stuffing

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