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Split Mechanical Seals

Style 688 has been designed with the goal of creating a split mechanical seal that could represent an improvement over the current state of technology, eliminating the typical issues of the split mechanical seals on the market.
The real innovation that Sealtek® has brought with Style 688 is the departure from the typical split mechanical seal design, which usually involves very narrow dead ends near the seal faces and a very complicated replacement process for worn parts, in favor of an open conical seal chamber and a hassle-free refurbishment procedure, typical of Sealtek® Sleeveless line.
Due to its design features, Style 688 can be pressure-tested at factory and be shipped as fully assembled seal, which is eventually opened only for the seal installation. This prevents any dust or dirt from settling on the seal faces, and completely eliminates the necessity of manipulating the critical parts for assembly.

While still keeping all the features and benefits of the acclaimed Style 600SL cartridge-mounted mechanical seal, which has introduced to the market the concept of conical extension of the stuffing

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