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About Sealtek

Since 1989, sealing beyond expectations.

Sealtek® is one of the World’s most technologically advanced sealing devices producer, specialized in manufacturing innovative mechanical seals solutions for rotating equipment and industrial maintenance.


To gain the trust of the customer. To be considered the partner and advisor of choice as a sealing devices producer. To always stay among the technology leaders of the market. To provide quality products without compromises. To turn the customer’s feedback into precious insight, and anticipate the need of the market.


Sealtek® aims to become a world-renowned sealing devices producer, and to become a synonymous of reliability, innovation and high technology. Sealtek®’s goal is to grow steadily to become a tech-leader and operate all over the World, without ever forsaking the operating flexibility and customer-oriented approach which must remain its main trademark.


The patent 102023000001536 for the first hybrid seal is registered.


Diamond seal technology is successfully applied to Sealtek® seals for the first time.


Establishment of a partnership for mutual cooperation with the Roten group.


Sealtek® registers the patent EU1370506 for Style 600SL, the world’s first and only conical stuffing box sleeveless seal.


Sealtek® is awarded with the ISO9001 quality certification.


The Italian branch becomes independent and is the sole owner of the Sealtek® brand name.


Sealtek® srl is founded by the joint effort of Mr. Sandro Bidoia and Mr. Yoshinori Kobayashi, after many years of experience in the sealing devices and industrial maintenance field.

Our Value

Sealtek® considers all its suppliers, employees, distributors and customers as real partners, and devotes all its efforts into making sure that none of them will ever be unsatisfied of the cooperation with the Company. Sealtek® focuses mainly on providing solutions, rather than simply supplying products: since no sealing application is alike, no solution is alike too, and improving the working conditions to grant the customer savings of time and money is always preferred over simply sticking to the old seal selection.


Sealing competence for the oil and gas industry

With the testimony of ISO EN 9001 Vision 2000 certification, all Sealtek® industrial systems, Engineering, production and Management, are monitored to offer customers the best products, price and services.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

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