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Integrated sealing

Mechanical seals are traditionally placed on top of a stuffing box, which is generally installed against the pump body.

What would happen if the mechanical seal could actually replace the stuffing box altogether with an integrated sealing system?

  • Considerably lower costs: the stuffing box, the gland and the seal are replaced by a unique standalone integrated sealing unit.
  • Quicker and easier maintenance: wear parts are replaced directly on the pump. It’s no longer necessary to remove, disassemble and reassemble the cartridge seal
  • Complete control of the aftermarket by the OEM: only original wear parts, designed under confidential agreement between Sealtek® and the pump manufacturer, can be used to refurbish the pump. No longer can a generic mechanical seal of external brands replace the original.
  • Integration with the Sealtek® hybrid and semi-split technology: wouldn’t it be nice if seal maintenance could be made directly on the pump without even dismantling the rest of the equipment?

Sealtek® integrated sealing means real technological and commercial advantage for rotating equipment makers, both in the market and in the after-market. Our technical management can be contacted to explore the advantages of mutual cooperation.

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