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Sealing devices for the Waste industry

Sealtek® is a key player in the field of waste treatment for the circular economy, working in partnership with hi-tech manufacturers of dry anaerobic biodigesters for the treatment of OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) and the production of biomethane for automotives or to be injected into the natural gas grid.

The first application with Sealtek® Zero Leakage System has been made in 2018 on a pilot plant, and the results have been so outstanding that the system has been standardized in all the subsequent plants, and in the several more being built. This experience allows Sealtek® to provide, if necessary, training for maintenance personnel and technical support for installation and operation.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, and always very easy thanks to the high pressure injection gun that allows for quick and safe top-ups of the stuffing box without dismantling the pump.

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