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Sealing devices for the Pulp and paper industry

Pulp and paper is one of the sector where Sealtek® innovative solutions can provide the greatest possible advantages to end users. Both Patented Sleeveless Cartridge Seals and the new Hybrid seals line can guarantee extended MTBF and safe operations both in the paper production and in the even more problematic waste processing.

Black liquor and paper pulp pumps are a typical example of what can be achieved with the right technology: such fluid, having a solid content of up to 75%, provides an insufficient lubrication to seal faces, which end up being replaced at very short intervals unless a huge amount of water is used for flushing: the use of the Style 907 Hybrid seal allows to shut down water flushing for good, resulting in gigantic economic and environmental advantages.

Style 907 makes the difference with big shaft scrubbers as well, allowing to run the equipment without ever replacing the mechanical seal and thus representing a much more efficient alternative to gland packing.

Style 600 is also frequently used in paper applications, and has been customized to perfectly fit the typical progressive cavity pumps that are used in the industry, with all the advantages of the diamond coating technology for low lubrication fluids. For solid contents above 30%, the sturdier Style 600HD is also used.

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