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Sealing devices for Power plants

Conventional thermal power plants poses several technical challenges for mechanical seals, and Sealtek® has accumulated a very extensive experience on the most difficult applications.


Flue gas are filtered in processes involving abrasive and corrosive fluids. Flue gas desulfurization gypsum (FGDG) and the limestone milk used in scrubbers are applications where the Style 600 series has got a proven history of successful installations.

Likewise, special versions of Style 770 are used for the Ekato mixers usually employed in the desulphurization area.

Water Priming

Regardless of the type of water used for the cooling of the power plant, be it sea water or river water, pumps are often located in hard to reach compartments and feature big shafts that make seal replacement difficult, expensive and time-consuming. This is where Style 688 Split or Style 644 Semi-Split seals can make a difference, completely removing the need to dismantle the equipment for seal service.


Vacuum pumps mounted at the exhaust of the condenser. These pumps maintain a vacuum at the condenser side preventing turbine back pressure and removing non condensable air. Style 606-3D has been successfully installed in Scam vacuum pumps, increasing the MTBF and decreasing operational costs, and even greatly improving the vacuum production efficiency.

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