Mechanical seals and sealing devices for all industries


Sealing devices for the Oil and gas industry

Sealtek® has earned a long experience in oil and gas applications worldwide, where safety, reliability and efficiency are all priorities that require specific design features to be achieved at the same time.

Diamond Faces

Multiphase pumps, where fluids can change their state from gas to fluid and viceversa and mechanical seals are often subject to sudden dry running, are a perfect match for Sealtek® API682 mechanical seals with diamond-coated sliding faces, able to withstand both low-lubrication fluids and solid particles such as sand and gravel. Likewise, diamond coated mechanical seals are excellent matches for the oil sand mining industry, where they can replace double seals with extremely reduced operational costs.

Extraction and drilling heads

Drilling can be a very challenging environment for mechanical seals, and the price of a seal failure is a very costly downtime to put the drilling head back into operations. Sealtek®’s cold diamond coating technology is the only one being appliable to metal bellows seals without compromising the heat-shrunk faces’ alignment.

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