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Sealing devices for the Mining industry

Mining involves big pumps transferring huge amount of slurry, gravel and rocks, often mixed with strong chemicals to process the mineral.

Typical applications involve a huge amount of flush water used to lubricate the sealing device, and incredibly high costs related to machine downtime and tools necessary to dismantle the pumps when mechanical seals need to be changed.


Sealtek® has a solution to both these challenges: the Style 907 Hybrid seal is the only sealing device not needing a single drop of water to keep lubricated even when facing extremely concentrated slurries, and offering the possibility to refurbish the seal without dismantling or even stopping the equipment.

Style 688 split and 644 semi-split seals are also excellent alternatives for pumps that are just too cumbersome to disassemble on a regular base, and the possibility to use diamond coated faces even in split rings allows the elimination or at least the reduction of flush water usage.

Both these solutions, and the always suitable Style 600 line, have been customized to fit directly into the most typical pump brands and sizes commonly found in mine sites, such as Metso and Warman where the Style 600WR plug-in seal makes installation and refurbishing an incredibly easy job.

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