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Sealing devices for Hydropower plants

Sealtek® has been making successful applications with a time-tested sealing system based on the Zero Leakage System injectable packings, thanks to the fruitful cooperation with several turbines manufacturers, Kaplan in particular, and with operators of hydropower plants.

Each project consists in the design of a suitable stuffing box, with technical advice regarding shape, volume and anti-extrusion rings, and the assistance during installation both in workshop and on the plant.

As a result, operators are able to keep every situation under control even when machines are hard to reach, such as underwater equipment. The very uncommon cases where an intervention is required can be comfortably addressed by the high pressure injection gun that allows for quick and safe top-ups in few minutes without disassembling the equipment.

The position reached by Sealtek® in the hydropower sector is solid and renown, especially for the assistance provided to designers, first equipment installers and maintenance operators, and the continuous after-sale support guaranteed to the customer.

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