Sealing devices for the Chemical industry

The chemical sector poses a very diverse and wide range of challenges for mechanical seals. Corrosive strong chemicals that often require the use of very expensive exotic alloys are the primary field of application for the revolutionary Style 600NMT, that allows the use of entirely non-metallic components while greatly overcoming the limits of external seals.

Adhesive, paints, resin and plastics are applications where lack of lubrication would require softer seal materials, but polymerization between seal faces makes the use of such material very risky. Sealtek®’s diamond coated tungsten carbide (D3) is an all-round solution for all the application involving such difficult media.

Sealtek® has accumulated as well a great deal of experience in the fertilizer industry, where Style 600SL and Modular System cartridge seals have withstood the test of time.

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