Sealtek® LEAK-3 Online Sealing Paste is a revolutionary compound able to immediately dampen or completely seal a leakage with as little as a gesture.
Sealtek® LEAK-3 Online Sealing Paste can be used for pipes, valves, connections, hatchets, lids, flat surfaces, even when their position and shape make the use of tapes difficult or impossible at all.
It can be applied without depressurizing the system or shutting the line, when used in conjunction with Sealtek® Seal-Tex and Ultra Metal System, Sealtek® LEAK-3 Online Sealing Paste provides suitable conditions to apply a definitive repair without any machine downtime.
It also protects against corrosion, is easy to remove and does not ever harden.

Maximum working temperature    60°C
Flash point    182°C
Specific weight    0,705
Flammability limits    LEL: .9% ; UEL: 7.0%
Viscosity    160 cSt
Working pressure    Upon hole size and shape