Sealtek® FLANGE-SEAL is a revolutionary system able to replace flange shields in a very wide range of applications, removing the need of large stocks of different sized covers to match different sized flanges.

  • Is a tape made of synthetic rubber, wrapped around the flange
  • One size fits all
  • Only sticks to itself leaving no residue on the surface
  • Requires a cutter and just a simple gesture to be removed.
  • Protects the working place, the personnel and the environment by preventing any leakage by flanges from being spilled into floor/atmosphere.
  • Is not a sealing tape, but it can also be employed as emergency repair system for lower pressures.
  • Can be used to repair and insulate electric cables
  • Can be used to coat the handle of hand tools for increased grip and insulation
  • Available on custom-made sizes and colors on request.

Technical data
Made of synthetic rubber
Can resist up to 260°C (continuous) or 280°C (peak)
Complete chemical resistance: suitable for application on stong chemicals
Only sticks to itself: no residues after application.
Easily removed with a cutter
Traction resistance : 4,9 Mpa
Elongation up to 200%
Insulates 9000V per each overlay
Size 100mm x 5mt
Can seal fluids with pH 0÷14
Insulation 9000V per each overlay