Highly advanced metal or ceramic compounds, developed for the repair, rebuilding or protection of equipment or metal parts, damaged by corrosion, erosion, chemical attack or abrasion.

Produced with a two components modified epychlorodrine epoxy resin, incorporating metallic, mineral and ceramic fillers, UMS provides easy, fast, reliable and impressive results in all maintenance applications.

Damaged metal surfaces can be fully repaired or rebuilt, the repaired part achieving an even better resistance with merely one coat of polymeric compound, which due to its insulating capability eliminates possible future corrosion or pitting.

The Sealtek® Ultra Metal System (UMS) is currently the world leader in offering advanced technology, excellent performance, quality and economy in plant repairs.

The UMS innovative range has tryly made history in industrial maintenance operations for over 10 years.

The many new features introduced have enabled UMS to be applied on highly demanding applications, previously tackled at prohibitive cost.

Sealtek® manufacturing methods are monitored by the strictest quality controls complying with the toughest international regulations.