Style 600SL AB64

Sealtek offers a complete range of Style 600SL seals specifically tailored
for slurry pumps
. The ease of installation and maintenance, together with
the proven advantages of the Sleeveless design, creates a considerable value
for the user.

All the spare parts are interchangeable with the standard
Sealtek Style 600SL or Style 600HD seals that can be found in other
application within a plant, thus cutting delivery times and inventory level
of spare parts.

Furthermore, the superior performances of Sealtek diamond coated seal faces
offer unmatched resistance to abrasion, temporary dry running and low
lubrication, allowing to reduce or eliminate the consumption of flush water
and achieve unbelievable environmental and operational improvements.
The Sealtek slurry pumps line can suit Warman, Metso and other popular
brands of pumps

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact
your nearest Sealtek dealer.

Pump model Sealtek seal (standard) Sealtek seal (heavy duty)
1,5/1B BAH 600AB64050 600AB64HD050
2/1,5 BAH 600AB64050 600AB64HD050
3/2 CAH 600AB64060 600AB64HD060
4/3 CAH 600AC11060 600AC11HD060
4/3DAH 600AC13085 600AC13HD085
6/4DAH 600AC03085 600AC03HD085
6/4EAH 600AC03100 600AC03HD100