Style 600 SL

This revolutionary seal design is the result of the most intensive engineering design study imaginable. The first real innovation in the sealing market for many years.   

Until now all mechanical cartridge seals have been designed with an integral shaft sleeve.

This revolutionary sleeveless design allows for installation on pumps where it was previously considered impossible to install a cartridge mounted seal.

The sleeveless design also allows for greater radial run-out of the shaft.

The 600SL is the first cartridge mechanical seal to incorporate a conical stuffing box design, allowing it to greatly improve seal life in slurry and dirty fluid applications.

With no seal parts inside the stuffing box, slurry contamination cannot clog the seal greatly increasing seal life.

This new seal also incorporates a gland plate with flushing connection and large, solid seal faces manufactured from sintered materials mounted on flexible elastomers, which also act as shock absorbers.

This seal offers great reliability under the harshest of working conditions.

The 600SL offers the user real benefits in terms cost savings of new seals, spare parts kits and most importantly MTBF!

PATENT EU1370506

Metal parts Aisi 316 L DIN 1.4571*  

Pressure Vacuum 700 mm Hg ÷ 3,5 MPa (13,5 ÷ 510 PSI)**

Elastomers FKM - EPDM - FFKM - FEPM - TTV  

Temperature Up to elastomer limit. FKM: +205°C (+400°F)  E.P.R.: +150°C (+300°F)  FFKM: +315°C (+600°F)

Sliding faces A - B - Q1 - Q2 - U2    

Speed 25 m/sec (4920 FPM) Depending on materials of sliding faces