A kit of 10 repair tapes designed to have the right tape at the right time at hand: pipeline maintenance without the need to shut down the line.

These tapes are complementary and constitute the best tools for rapid reaction in case of pipeline leak. ASME PCC-2 certified for application on pressurized pipelines.

The kit contains:

  • 6 SEAL-TEX rolls, white-colored fast curing tape for the maintenance and repair of pipes in any material. The most versatile and transversal tape: simply impregnate with water and wrap it around the leakage area. Four different sizes to adapt to any diameter and position.
  • 1 SEAL-TEX XT roll, featuring similar characteristics of SEAL-TEX, but provided with very high temperature resistance (up to 500°C) which allows its application on pressurized steam and heat transfer oil lines. Black color.
  • 2 SELF-SEAL rolls, self-polymerizing tape made of siliconic rubber, blue color, to be used immediately before applying SEAL-TEX to dampen the leakage and make repair even easier and quicker, thanks to its self-welding properties. 1 tape with width 25mm, 1 tape with width 50mm.
  • 1 FLANGE-SEAL roll, protection tape completely fulfilling the role of flange covers, without the need of keeping different sizes in stock to match different flanges. Only sticks to itself, leaves no residue on the flange. A simple cutter is enough to remove it. Gray color. Width = 100mm


2× SEAL-TEX 50×1800mm, white.

2× SEAL-TEX 50×3600mm, white.

1× SEAL-TEX 100×3600mm, white.

1× SEAL-TEX 100×3600mm, white.

1× SEAL-TEX XT 100×4600mm, black.

1× SELF-SEAL 25mm×5m, blue.

1× SELF-SEAL 50mm×5m, blue.

1× FLANGE SEAL 50×5mm, grey.

Pipeline repair without shutting the line! Still thinking about it or did you already make up your mind? Contact us here.