It’s not about how much a lubricant or a cleaner costs.
It’s about how much you’ll spend yearly in lubricants or cleaners in the end to achieve the same result.

The world of chemical products for industrial applications is seemingly endless. The range spans through different combinations of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, environmental impact and safety for operators. Sealtek has always promoted a culture of productive maintenance through hi-tech chemical products aimed at achieving the highest degree of effectiveness while never neglecting their impact on operators and the environment.

What makes Sealtek stand out in the market is its wide range of products which can drastically decrease maintenance costs in everyday plant operations while at the same time improve the working conditions for the people involved. The philosophy behind our products’ formulation is: the better our product is, the fewer applications will be required to achieve your goal. Fewer applications means less product being used, less pollution, less waste, less work.    

Sealtek has focused on environmentally friendly alternatives ever since its inception, decades ago, when environmental regulations were stillvery loose. With laws becoming increasingly stringent, the need to optimize maintenance costs is critical to offset decreasing margins in several markets. Employing clean and cost-effective maintenance products is the best way to create considerable value while reducing the global environmental impact of operations.