All  SEALTEK gaskets are manufactured with the most advanced production methods based on synthetic fibers and elastomeric binders, responding to today's rigorous demand of non-asbestos materials.

  • Pressure and temperature limits are indicative and should never be combined at their maximum values
  • Surface compression should not exceed the maximum pressure of each individual material as this would eliminate the recovery ability of the gasket.
  • Surface to be sealed must be free of pitting, flat, smooth, clean of dirt or old gasket deposits as the presence of any of these would compromise proper sealing.
  • Parallel flanges are a necessary condition as if not parallel, premature gasket failure will occur. It is strongly reccomended that a torquewrench is used when tightening.
  • No antisticking agent should be applied when using Sealtek Gaskets as this would compromise their performance.
  • All Sealtek Gaskets are pre-treated with a nonstick agent and do not require any additional protection
  • Consult a Sealtek specialist for any application that might exceed the gasket limits outlined here.